The Robert Longwell-Grice Chapter-University of Delaware

Premier recognition, leadership, and service honorary, encouraging 
excellence at the University of Delaware

Welcome to the Robert Longwell-Grice Chapter of 
The National Residence Hall Honorary at the University of Delaware!

NRHH is a branch of the National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH) that recognizes student leadership and services for those who live in the residence halls. NACURH, as an organization, truly believes that recognition is a must for a strong Residence Hall community.

Here, at the Robert Longwell-Grice chapter of NRHH, we believe that recognition is so important that our focus for this year is to increase recognition at the University of Delaware.  One easy way that YOU can help is to submit an Of The Month Award (OTM).  OTMs are an excellent and easy way for you to recognize leaders and programs in the residence halls each month by submitting a quick nomination on our website. Nominations must be submitted via the National Residence Hall Honorary OTM Website by the 1st of the month following the month of nomination (i.e.. October OTM nominations are due by November 1).  Chapter winners at the University of Delaware will be announced by the 10th of every month, and they will be forwarded to possibly receive regional or even national awards.   Remember, the smallest of recognition can go a long way, and it can encourage everyone in a given community to give back a little more and make it a better experience for everyone.

The Robert Longwell-Grice Chapter is very excited this year to recognize the top leaders at the University of Delaware not only through OTM awards, but through induction and membership into NRHH.  NACURH has restricted chapter membership to any chapter of NRHH to 1% of students living in the residence halls of that school.  So, once inducted into NRHH, you can consider yourself a member of the top 1% of Residence Hall leaders!  Although the membership process is a committment, it reflects the dedication and the commitment you will experience once you are a member of this important group.  Any member of NRHH will tell you that they have learned a lot about student leadership, and have definitely made some friends along the way.

We look forward to learning about all of the great programs and people at the University of Delaware through the OTM awards that you submit, or through your possible membership.  The Robert Longwell-Grice Chapter will be working hard to make sure that we recognize all of the great things going on at the University of Delaware, and we cannot wait to see all of the hard work you are doing.

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